To Our Clients

Make sure your property flip does not flop
October 15, 2020
To rent or not to rent
November 17, 2020

It is easy to tell when we get close to the end of the year as the November rush starts. During this time clients realise that there are only a couple of weeks left before businesses close for their well-deserved Christmas break and would like to get all their outstanding matters for the year done. We can confirm that the November rush has definitely started.

During this time we have had to get some extra hands on board and would like to welcome Carlton, Alicia and Alida to our team! We hope you are ready to be part of an amazing group of people. We also have 2 candidate attorneys writing their board exams this month. Good luck Gents!

In everything we do, there is no better feeling than the great feedback we receive from clients but when we receive great feedback on our staff AND that they are happy with our service we know we must be doing something right.

“… a massive thank you for driving the administration over the past weeks, especially in interactions with the transfer attorneys. We didn’t realise you’re on leave this Monday, yet you still responded quickly to queries and set up the meeting on Tuesday. Also with emails over previous weekends, you’ve really gone above and beyond what we as clients could reasonably expect. You’re a large part of the reason we’re happy to bring our future business and refer others to the firm.”

Our business is only as good as our staff and we’ll say it again: we have the best team in the world! We are grateful for our staff and their commitment to our business.

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