Winter is here

What a month
May 4, 2021
3 Steps on how to legally cancel a contract
June 1, 2021

We saw an interesting post on social media during this week. It read “I don’t know a single successful person who leaves their shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot.” The message was that if you’re too big to do the small things, then you’re too small to do the big things.

This post immediately reminded us of our office and the people working at Smuts & Co. No matter what needs to be done, there is always someone willing to jump in and do the necessary, whether it is picking up the leaves that blew into the reception area (thank you Carmen!) or bringing someone a glass of water (thank you Barbara) versus sorting out the big problems we experience on a section 137 application (thank you Des) or even assisting a client with their broken geyser before registration (Monique, you made us smile). The list however is endless. Thank you to all our staff for going the extra mile, above and beyond!

We would like to congratulate our candidate attorneys, William & Carlton, on passing their board exams and a big hooray also to Tshepang on passing the notary exam. Hard work and perseverance pays off!

Carlton, happy birthday, we wish you a fantastic 2021!

Welcome to Beryl in the Conveyancing Department. We believe that you are the piece that will complete the conveyancing department’s puzzle.

Winter is upon us and the first snow a stark reality. Keep your coffee close and your hot chocolate even closer.
Keep safe, keep warm and keep our number!

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