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September 1, 2021
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October 29, 2021

August is done and September is already butting heads with October. Needless to say that we drank way too much coffee the past month and between the snow and rain, the heaters were working overtime! We however welcome spring even if the weather is still chilly and the nights long.

The 1st of September is not only Spring Day, we also celebrate National Administrative Professionals Day. At Smuts & Co we can truly say that our secretaries, paralegals and administrative assistants play a valuable and vital role in our office. We had numerous challenges during the past year with delays and hurdles to overcome as a result of Covid, but our staff not only faced them bravely, they rose above these challenges like champions. Each one of them deserves an Olympic Medal! We would therefore like to thank our amazing staff for always pitching in, going the extra mile, being dependable and most of all making the office a family business. We appreciate you!

Wills week is an established highlight for the legal fraternity and this year National wills week takes place from 13 to 17 September 2021. Fortunately, at Smuts & Co we do not only have wills week once a year as we draft wills at no cost all year round. Feel free to contact our office on info@smutsco.co.za to arrange for a consultation and get your “testament” ducks in a row.

In South Africa, we are a great mix of different communities and cultures. Our cultures are depicted by the way we dress and our confidence in communicating not only in our different languages but also different dialects. During Heritage Day, let us not only celebrate our unique identities, but also be sensitive and sensible towards the different facets of culture and heritage in South Africa.

We would also like to wish Anri, Michelle and Monique a happy birthday. May the sunshine warm on your birthdays and may you be blessed in abundance.

Stay Safe. Stay Warm. Stay healthy!

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